Couples Counseling 206-818-9546

  • Build interdependence
  • Communication skill building
  • Affair prevention or recovery
  • Conflict management - Break cycles
  • Balance the cycle of romance and sex
  • Resolve abandonment and inadequacy fears
  • Deepen knowledge of gender identity and needs
  • Discuss... Parenting, Money, Sex, and the In-laws

The pain couples often face is overwhelming. It's like what a little child feels when lost at the fair, traumatic. Having someone to coach you through the painful places can make all the difference. Also, if betrayal has been an issue then getting help somewhere is not an option...

Helping couples survive and then thrive after failed promises - drugs and alcohol, pornography, or gambling is my specialty.

Developing and maintaining safety for you is so important in our work together. In order to do that we may need to go slow and create a space where the relationship as well as our individual concerns are honored.

Becoming who you are today took time and you learned your relational dance at a very young age. Moving into a less conflicted and painful place could involve learning ways to manage your feelings together. You may have had relationships that caused you to doubt your value or made being close to others feel unsafe, or perhaps the way your partner relates to you now and the way you relate to them perpetuates pain or conflict.

Developing understanding is the first step toward a deeper and more loving relationship. Don't give up! Counseling can help improve the way you feel about each other!