SEXUAL ADDICTION THERAPY - Pornography, Affairs, Prostitution...


I work with all sorts of issues:

  • Compulsive pornography use and masturbation
  • Affairs online or face-to-face
  • Relationship obsession
  • Love Addiction
  • Cybersex addiction: chat rooms, hookup sites, videos
  • Anonymous sex
  • Voyeurism or exhibitionism
  • Prostitution and sexual massages

If you've been wondering if you have a problem, if the trouble you've been dealing with lately may be related to compulsive behaviors or if the people around you are complaining about you or your behavior, I'd like to meet with you and hear your story. There is a way to move into a life of peace, compassion and wisdom.

This is not a counseling based program. It is a therapy or task based model that has a tremendous amount of rigorous research associated with it. It encourages twelve step participation in conjunction with initial testing and therapist lead group therapy.


  • Research based relational healing process
  • Develop quantifiable means for reestablishing trust
  • Provide the space for understanding and validating each others pain
  • Develop safety for making amends in a mutually satisfying way
  • Establish a new relationship based upon new patterns of effective communication

Recovery is about learning who you really are and what made you - you! There is a profound freedom available but it can be uncomfortable. Developing an understanding of your self must lead to the practice of new skills for living.

I give people the freedom to find out more about me and the way I work. Give me a call - mornings are best for me - between 9:30 and noon. Believing for the best in you!

Steve Dill LMHC
Nationally Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The following link has some great information about the effects of porn upon our lives and communities.

There is a natural balance to intimate relationships that is built upon our chemistry but that chemistry can also be hijacked. A relationship built for attachment has intrinsic brakes as well as acceleration but an interaction built upon sexual experience alone often can be primarily about adrenaline or intensity rather than intimacy, love, pleasure and stability. Often, "searching for the right someone" becomes more important than an actual relationship. Perhaps "intimacy" has been a difficult thing to tolerate even if really desired. If this is something you can relate to give me a call. I give callers time to talk, ask questions, hear what I sound like and to get a sense about the way I work. It's important to me that you feel comfortable and safe.

I have specialized training in sexual addiction recovery and am in the process of completing a an intensive certification process. CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction TherapIst) training involves four week long modules and thirty hours of case consultation with an approved CSAT supervisor.

Start your journey toward understanding yourself and gaining mastery over unwanted behaviors and traumatized relationships. I look forward to talking with you.